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Design Studio

A custom home design you don't have to imagine. See your home, expertly designed in 3D with real materials and finishes.

Find Your Happy Place

You deserve a home that is both functional and stylish. Our talented team collaborates with you to create a customized design, factoring in your style and your property's unique characteristics. We put the power of 3D design in the hands of our talented architectural and interior designers to bring you an easy and efficient design experience.

Combining the power of satellite imagery and the latest 3D rendering software, we create a perfectly unique custom home design plan for each and every client. You'll get design ideas presented in life-like 3D images that look so real you'll swear they're the real thing.


See the Possibilities

Wondering how fixtures, features and decor will look or fit in your new home? With Cascade, now you can see it all. We start by creating a detailed 3D rendering of your space. Then our designers get to work filling in the fine details, from material finishes and lighting to decor and art, so you can see exactly

how your finished home will look and feel before we start construction. All of our designers are trained to cater to a wide variety of styles and needs - whether it's a European inspired retreat or an uber-modern home, we'll get you the look you want.


Your Design Journey

You'll tell us about your project and budget, and we'll do a site visit. You'll complete the Cascade style quiz so we can get an idea of the styles that you're most drawn to. Our designers are happy to help you discover the style that's just right for your space and budget. You'll also have a chance to share style inspiration that you've

found online or even in your own neighbourhood. We'll create a preliminary design with several layout options to show you the potential for your space. With your feedback, we create 3D renderings of your new custom home. You'll receive a catalogue of beautiful 3D renderings to see your home design from every angle.

Every Cascade Design Includes

  • Catalogue of photorealistic views of your design from every angle

  • Birds eye view and 360 degree views of your design

  • Ability to swap finishes and material selections

  • List of all of the products used in your design

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